HALLOWEEN EXCLUSIVE - Rose Wilder Lane's "Faces at the Window"

Heather Ordover
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You didn't know Laura Ingalls Wilder's daughter wrote spooky stories, did you? 

Well she didn't. 

She wrote A spooky story—and even that had to be published posthumously.

Folks who are subscribed to the CraftLit podcast via the dedicated app (iOS • Android • Windows 8), or iTunes, or Stitcher, or Patreon received this Exclusive Bonus Episode as part of the regular show. If you're not a subscribed listener (what are you waiting for?) you missed this super-special audio 😭  but you can still get a copy of the Wilder Girls’ paperback book here: http://bit.ly/little-house-halloween 

If you’re still in the mood for some Halloween fun, feel free to grab a discounted download of our Halloween Bundle or visit Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, the show where Heather is a featured narrator.

NOTE: There is NO AUDIO to download. There's a little pdf linked to this page because I couldn't leave it up without "something" attached. NO AUDIO HERE. It went away Halloween 2016.

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HALLOWEEN EXCLUSIVE - Rose Wilder Lane's "Faces at the Window"

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