Try it Out! Bleak House, bundle 1—download

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Try it Out! Bleak House, bundle 1—download

Heather Ordover
0 ratings

Bleak House •  by Charles Dickens

With 871 pages of 10pt font, it took us a bit to finish this tome.

Now that it's done, it's been posted here in bundles — not unlike the way Dickens' readers read it! 

But what if you aren't sure you're ready to commit to such an enormous book? 


Try it out!

You can get this first bundle now, then if you decide you like it, you'll have access to the rest of the book (discounted by what you paid for this bundle).

Want it shipped to you on a USB bracelet? Follow this link.

Our bundling follows Dickens' original release schedule.

Bundle 1

(8 hrs, 26 min)

Part 1: chapters 1-4

Part 2: chapters 5-7

Part 3: chapters 8-10

Part 4: chapters 11-13

Want the whole book? It's available at this page (and you get a discount for getting the whole thing in one swell foop).

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